My clients are the people shaping the world to create the future(s) they want. I have been lucky enough to work with people who’s passions and values align with my own. It has been a pleasure bringing these projects and visions to life.

Toland, Kaye. “Yu Zhou Factory Grain Store.” 2019. 



The Steam Room

Tony and Fran wanted The Steam Room to reflect their Hong Kong heritage, their vision to make dry cleaning sustainable and their strong desire to advocate for East Asian designs. This project was a complete re-design, Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Branding Design, Illustrations, Website Design, it had it all. This project was a joy to work on and the final outcome is arguably London’s trendiest dry cleaners.

*in collaboration with Amber Perng



UAL:FUEL4Design: Future Education and Literacy for Designers Erasmus+ Programme

The main objectives of this project are to develop, test, and implement new approaches and resources to provide learners and educators with innovative and adaptable tools to imagine, perform and enact a plurality of futures by design. UAL Principal Investigator, Dr Betti Marenko, brought me on to develop the design strategy for a set of ‘Future Philosophical Pills’ that allow educators to better diagnose ideas and use futures practice to inform future design education. Next I will be the rapporteur at ‘Speculative Spaces’ a 3-day workshop at the Design Museum where design educators will test the initial findings.



Land Services - WSP

Land Services has five key disciplines, Land Referencing, Engagement, GeoSpatial Systems, Land & Property, and Surveying. I was responsible for communicating complex ideas, systems, and processes, creating compelling visuals, interactions, and experiences that connect with a wide range of audiences, delivering quality touchpoints across various channels. I designed and developed the CX strategy using human-centered design and Service Design methodologies to ensure an enjoyable and accessible service for all its stakeholders. I also produced visuals for marketing, learning, external and internal Comms, and designed materials for their clients including style guides, data visualisations, and public engagement materials.



SPUD the book marks a decade of SPUD events, collaborations, conversations and artworks.  Deirdre O’Mahony is a visual artist whose practice is informed by a deep interest in rural sustainability, farming, food security and rural/urban relationships. For more than two decades she has investigated the political ecology of rural places through public engagement, archival and moving image installation, critical writing and cultural production.

SPUD by Deirdre O'Mahony



Own Home Products - 2018

A home and personal care brand based in the Peak District that used locally foraged herbs and flora to produce natural products for the home and body. The landscape of the Peak District supplied a refined and balanced colour palette that reinforced the products' natural legacy while taking inspiration from a laboratory aesthetic created a trustworthy graphic identity to ensure the user of the product quality.

*in collaboration with Amber Perng



Yu Zhou Jiu

Yu Zhou is a Baijiu company based in Chongqing, Schezuen. Baijiu is a traditional and widely consumed spirit that is commonly found at wedding parties and Mahjong tables but is seen as something for older generations to enjoy. Yu Zhou wanted a brand and bottle that could help them break the younger market. We developed two concepts. Craft was designed for Chongqings’ tactile consumers, those who were influenced by a product's heritage, how it was made, and where it has come from. Consumers that would appreciate a factory tour, learning the ancient Baijiu making process, and learning the history of the brand. Low Key Luxury was designed for Chongqings trend consumers, a group who are distinguishing themselves as something new from China’s traditional interpretation of luxury but want high-quality products that are both modern and refined with an appreciation of China’s Art Deco period.

*in collaboration with Amber Perng



Cultural Production by Deirdre O'Mahony for Teagasc Horizon 2020 CERERE Project

Responding to the need for space for farmers, scientists, food producers, and others to exchange knowledge and information on heritage cereals, Deirdre produced a project for Teagasc Ireland’s Agricultural Research Agency. I designed a pamphlet including a Social Network Analysis as well as banners to frame Sadhbh Gaston’s commissioned work, Grain 1 – 5 which was exhibited during Tulca.



An exhibition poster and e-vite for the Natuurmuseum Fryslân 2018 European Capital Of Culture showcasing of The Persistent Return, a moving image installation which is the culmination of Deirdre O’Mahony’s research-led project SPUD (2009-2019).

The Persistent Return



Botanical Backpackers Belfast is located just next door to Belfast’ botanical gardens. Erika, the owner, wanted a brand that could help attract the clientele she was looking for. With most hostels in Belfast catering to the party travellers and the business visitors, she wanted to create a space for the conscience solo backpacker who wanted to offset their impact on their travels.

Botanical Backpackers Belfast



A brand to represent the design collaboration between Kaye Toland and Amber Perng exploring the opportunities for cultural exchange between Ireland and Taiwan. Méahé, pronounced, Naw Huh, combined the Irish word Méa (naw) which represents balance and the Mandarin word Hé (huh) which represents a coming together.

Méahé Design LTD



A film produced by Deirdre O’Mahony while on the Welcome Foundation Livestock residency in 2017 at the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL), University of Reading. I designed the Title and font for the film and also the credits.

Speculative Optimism (film)






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